In the Yee lab we focus on the community and population ecology of medically important mosquitoes, especially invasive species like Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. Our work often centers on urban areas, and attempts to understand interactions between humans and mosquitoes. We are most interested in questions related to species interactions, food web dynamics, stoichiometry,  predator-prey interactions, disease, and the basic ecology of mosquitoes. Our work is not limited to any one venue to answer ecological questions, as we conduct research under laboratory conditions, large field observational studies, and in complex experimental arrays.

The Lab statement on who we are:

YeeLab Statment

About the logo: This logo reflects our work with mosquitoes in human dominated spaces and how through our research we attempt to shine a light on their populations. The building is modeled after the Fisher Building, in Detroit (the lab PIs home town).