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Welcome to the information page for the   #BugsOutsideYourDoor 2020 sampling project


What is it? Bugs Outside Your Door 2020 is meant to allow entomologists and the public to gather a data on a snap-shot of insect diversity around the United States and elsewhere. With concerns over insect declines in the face of climate change and other human forces it’s more important than ever to get good, reliable data sets on insect diversity across large geographic areas.


When is it? The next sampling night will be May 22nd from dusk to 2 am (your time). If you were not involved in the first sampling on April 24th* from dusk to 2 am (your time) feel free to join us in May.

This date falls on a new moon, when light levels from the moon will be lowest, and thus will not compete with light traps. Also, sampling from dusk to 2 am will allow us to standardize the sample time, and provide opportunities for insects that come out at different times to be recorded. The plan will be to do this again at least in May, perhaps beyond. Stay tuned.   * In the event of bad weather consider May 23rd or 24th.

What do I need? Minimally you need a light source and a background (white sheet/background) and a safe place to collect (your backyard, patio, deck, or someplace where you can keep a safe distance from others). Ideally you need a light source specific to attracting insects (sodium, nickel-halide, UV/black light). If you don’t have one, there are lots of online resources for making a set-up so don’t be afraid to check around. There will be an online form for you to fill out with these details that can be sent to me.


How do I collect the data? You will need to be able to identify all insects that arrive at your light trap from dusk to 2 am (your time). Identification means knowing differences in insect Orders (Family level would be great, but I don’t assume all participants can identify all Orders to the Family level…I know I can’t). You can use one of two methods:

a. Remove all insects to a freezer or kill jar and then identify later.

b. Remove insects and identify individually while they are alive (photograph?), and hold them for release after 2 am (so release won’t cause double counting).

You can seek assistance using online guides such as BugGuide.net and iNaturalist (you will need an account for some functions to work).


Data sheet:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_335lizTID25fv5pf3BOPtu-TVRdfIBRz8BHKDlopCE/edit?usp=sharing

You can print off a copy and fill it in or your can make a copy of the Template and rename with your name (although realize others may be able to edit your page).

Please don’t use this for data entry. I’ll be letting you know how to do that soon.

What do I do with the data? Coming Soon.

Questions: Refer to my twitter account (@MosquitoLab) or email me directly.

Happy collecting!






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